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 第 614 条留言  留言者:~~@single@~~~  主题How should I do now?
  I am a English department freshman .Maybe I have not noticed my pronouncation before,so my oral English is not good now. I really how i should do ,I also read English erevy day,but i think i have no improve.
And I think i am very busy erevy day ,but it is not about study.Most of them are chore.So i don not know how i pian my time now .
Please give me some suggestions.
Thank you very much!!!

〖版主回复〗First I would like to say it is very good that you have found what problem you have now and you also know what direction you should walk to. My advice is that you had better find a tape which is not difficult to you. Please listen to it carefully, observe the pronunciation and intonation, imitate the tape and recite the tape. By and by, you will, I think, make progress gradually. OK?


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 第 613 条留言  留言者:幽灵  主题thanks
  thanks fore your opinion
i think i knoe whsold i do 。yet if i want to realize my dream i must give up something。now what i want to do is study haqd for my dream yes ?

〖版主回复〗Nice to hear you say so.:-)


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 第 612 条留言  留言者:幽灵  主题学习

〖版主回复〗When you tell me you want to play, I think I can understand what you mean. This is a decision out of your pleasure. However, have you ever thought about your responsibility for yourself and for your future? Responsibility does not always mean something you like to do. Do you understand what I mean?


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 第 611 条留言  留言者:xiaoxiao  主题Thanks
  Thank u so much for giving me suggestions. I see what do u mean. These knowledge and skills of language are connected to each other.Anyway Ill try my best to improve. In fact,I really like it,so I want to do better. Thank u for a million.

〖版主回复〗It is nice that what I said is helpful to you. :-)


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 第 610 条留言  留言者:linjing  主题how to permance in English
  Recently my teacher asked us to act a story in English,I dont know how to finished it.

〖版主回复〗I think you can do it in the following steps: 1) decide a story which is rich in plots; 2) change it into a short play; 3) find some guys form a team in which each member has a role; 4) remember the words; 5) practise on it. Just try it. Wish you success.


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 第 609 条留言  留言者:xiaoxiao  主题need help
  hi.frankly speaking, so far I dont know how to prepare for TEM8.I think there are so many works have to do,vocabulary, translation, listening...I dont know from where to prepare.also does it compatible with the exam of graduate (kaoyan)

〖版主回复〗At first I would like you to realize the target of English learning. The target is to cultivate your ability/proficiency in English which means your ability to use English in terms of two aspects: Language knowledge and skills. Language knowledge refers to vocabulary and grammar (structure), and skills mean skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We don't have a good way to test speaking, so we seldom have speaking in any tests. Therefore, the main task in learning English is to enlarge our vocabulary and set up a good system of grammar. Such knowledge plays great important role in listening, reading and writing. However, we cannot enlarge our vocabulary by memorizing words. An ideal way to enlarge our vocabulary is to do it in reading or listening, and even writing. In this sense there is no need for us to seperate normal English learning from testing. Actually the purpose of any English test is designed to test a person's language profiency. All in all, you can improve your English profiency in reading, listening and writing. Do you see what I say?


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 第 608 条留言  留言者:snoppy  主题my feeling
  Hello,Mr Wang.Thank you for your replying.Today I felt so depressed that I am not feel very well.I caught a cold and it also affect my feelings.I feel things even people around me are all living better than me .At least they have a good health.May be when we were ill, we could find having a good health is extremely important.I hope I will be better soon.And I will even more value the time .At last ,Wish all your familiy members a good health.

〖版主回复〗I am so sorry that you have caught a cold. Have you seen a doctor? Have you taken medicine? Remember to have a good rest. Yes, it is true that we need care when we are ill. And when we need care we are often in low mood. It is natural. Sometimes we have to overcome such loneliness. In this process we get mature. At the same time, I should say "Thank you" to you.


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 第 607 条留言  留言者:phoebe  主题questions about test
  can you tell me Progess test .An achievement test .Objective tests.subjective tests.placement tests.Diagnostic tests.
What are the meanings of them? thank you

〖版主回复〗Let me tell you in Chinese.语言测试的类别,如果按照主要用途来划分,通常可以分为六种,即进步测试(progress tests),学业成就测试(achievement tests)、水平测试(proficiency tests)、语言能力倾向测试(aptitude tests)、诊断性测试(diagnosis tests)和分级测试(placement tests)。所谓进步测试,是一种非正式的回顾型的测试。这一类测试用于了解学生过去一段时间学习有什么进步,学过的内容是否已经掌握。同时,教师借助测试帮助学生,迫使他们复习功课,努力学习。此外,教师还可以根据学生答题的情况回顾过去这一段时间教学的情况,摸清哪些内容教得好,哪些内容存在问题,以便确定下一阶段怎么教,怎么改进教学工作。学业成就测试是一种正式的回顾型测试,旨在了解学生过去较长的一段时间内(例如半学期、一学年、两年、三年)学业上有何成就。测试的成绩一般要记入学生的档案。学校里比较正式的考试,如期中考试、期末考试、毕(结)业考试,都在此范畴。学业成就测试的命题,通常应以教学大纲、教学计划及学生使用的教材为依据,当然,也要考虑教学的实际情况和当时的实际需要。水平测试是一种回顾-展望型的测试。它回顾过去,看看受测者已经掌握了什么是知识和技能,综合运用英语的能力如何,并且根据特定的任务拉力展望未来,预测受测者今后是否有能力完成这一特定的任务。语言能力倾向测试又称学能测试,是展望型的,旨在了解受测者学习外语的能力倾向,看看是否具有学习外语的天赋才能。这种测试并不计较受测者时候学过英语,掌握得如何,而是要了解其潜在的能力,看看是不是学外语的“料子”。诊断性测试是一种教师为自己设计的回顾-展望型测试,其目的是了解学生掌握所学知识的质量,借助测试进行检查,取得反馈信息,以便改进今后的教学。分级测试,是为了把学生按照程度分班或者分组而举行的测试。


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 第 606 条留言  留言者:bugu  主题help
  Mr Wang
I am your student.Next mounth I will take part in the TEM-4 examination.I fell very frustrated about my test because there are so many faults.I fell verydisappointed about myself.I can not overcome this problem. Ineed your help badly.

〖版主回复〗So we can arrange some time to chat face to face.


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 第 605 条留言  留言者:阿丑  主题您好
  请原谅我是用国语给您留言,因为入乡随俗嘛,我保证,这是第一次,也是最后一次.我想问您的是,我四级没过,但是,我也不想过了,你觉得我这种想法对吗 ?

〖版主回复〗Please tell me whether you are an undergraduate(本科生) or not. If yes, please think about how you can get your degree.


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